Mar 182014


Several months ago I release a reworked version of Ah Long Attack game called We Fight Loan Shark and my aim to get as much as 200K gameplay view of the game. Well, after 8 months in distribution, I must say that the target is within reach as right now the game has around 175K view on Mochi. Overall I would say it is close to 180K view as I also upload the game on Newgrounds and also hosts it on my website.

Lots of view comes from China which represents more than 70% of total view. This is expected as the game setting is based on Chinese environment. The game use only English but if I have the budget to localize it to Mandarin, I believe I can get as much as 500K to 1M view.

China has lots of potential market for Flash game but unfortunately the return in term of advertising revenue is not much. But in term of game exposure, it is an excellent market. You have to localize the game to Mandarin or you wouldn’t get far.

Dec 262013

Since 2010, I use Hostgator shared hosting to host Blade Thrust Tactics, Dream City Life, this blog and Inspire Games Nexus website. Although their rate is not cheap, they provide good service. I’ve been satisfied with their service for several years until several months ago when they do server migration effort for my account. Let just say there’s been some problem. Nothing major but I’ve never face this kind of problem before.

Upon checking the Internet to find out what’s really going on, I’ve come across this info that Hostgator has been acquired by a company called EIG which has some sort of bad reputation in web hosting. Actually I don’t care about this info as long as they provide good service but that is not the case. Hostgator has been giving me mediocre service over these several months so I guess it’s time to move on to other shared hosting provider. Hostgator used to provide good service but not anymore.

Not to mention that they don’t seem to value their loyal customers much. Over 4 years I’m using their service, they don’t even give any discount for renewal. I don’t expect much but 10 – 20% discount will not hurt much. It seems they spend too much money on acquiring new customers at the expense of current customers.

The other reason is I’m tired of this unlimited marketing stuff they’ve been doing – unlimited space, unlimited bandwidth. Is is actually a false marketing. They actually don’t provide unlimited space & bandwidth. It is not possible because server has limited hard disk space and Internet connection is also limited. I will never choose any web hosting company that use unlimited marketing term because they simply lie.

After doing some research, I’ve come across this web hosting company called MDDHosting. They seems good enough after I’ve read some reviews on WebHosting Talk forum and the important thing they don’t use unlimited marketing term. This is good because I can assess how much is my requirement and match that according to their plan. So¬† on December 2013, I subscribe to their shared hosting plan for 1 year and began migrating Blade Thrust Tactics, Dream City Life and this blog to their server. For Inspire Games Nexus, I use the domain on my special project VPS server.

Lets hope that this MDDHosting provide good service because finding a good shared hosting is hard and most of shared hosting sucks. My principle is if I find a good shared hosting, I just stick to it as long as they provide good service even though I have to pay lots for it.

Jul 262013

We Fight Loan Shark

The Flash game We Fight Loan Shark has been completed and now it is published on many Flash game portal:

1) I integrate MochiAd to the game and use Mochi game distribution to spread the game to many Flash game portals. I also integrate Mochi leaderboard system so player can compete with each others to earn the highest score. The game can be played here – http://www.inspiregamesnexus/loanshark/

Update – since Mochi system no longer exists from 1 April 2014, the game can be played on Inspire Games Nexus link. Since Mochi leaderboard system no longer work, I can add my own version of leaderboard but it proves to take work so I hold the plan.

2) I also submit the game to Newgrounds and integrate their own Newgrounds Ad and Scoreboard to the game. The game can be played here –

3) I plan to submit to Kongregate but there is problem because the game exceeds max width which is set to 800 pixels. The game use width of 960 pixels because that was the width of Ah Long Attack which is originally aimed for iPhone games. To change the game to 800 pixels width will require substantial code changes as I need to modify changes to the tile system. This has taught me a lesson that the max width of Flash game should not more than 800 pixels width or there could be problem to submit games to some Flash game portals.

4) I also submit the game to Mindjolt but I wasn’t expecting much because the approval time is slow and they are stricter in game selection.

My aim is to get 200,000 gameplay view in all game distribution and this tracking can be achieved as I put MochiBot on the game SWF to track the game spread on the Internet. Let see if the target can be achieved. I’ll update the progress from time to time.

Jul 222013

I’m working on an updated version of Ah Long Attack. I’m focusing on Flash development but mobile version of the game will be deal later. These are among important changes:

1) The game will be renamed to We Fight Loan Shark. This is to capture a global audience rather than using Ah Long term which only can be understand by smaller audience.

2) To deploy the machine, player will need to drag the machine icon to the battlefield. A deploy overlay will be shown on the battlefield so player can see which available tile to deploy. This is improvement for feedback.

3) Energy system will be replaced with coin based system so solar machine will be removed from the game. Coin will be earned by defeating loan sharks.

4) More varied strategy to win. Previously the focus in on optimizing resources which mean player need to be careful in spending resources. I try to employ much varied strategy than that. Coin dropped from loan shark will be random but still is based on the type of loan shark. Maybe I will make loan shark more tough to allow strategy to deploy shield.

The game can be played at